Jonas Shandel

By Gretta Kennedy, Traveling Islanders

Do you remember when music used to tell a story?

It didn’t just make you want to get up and dance, it helped you understand more about the true lives of people who walk the earth just like you.

When you were down and out, it helped you know you weren’t alone. When you felt like shouting from the rooftops in joy, it reminded you that others have felt the same way.

Jay and I walked into the theatre to see a simple and inviting stage set with drums, keyboard, guitars, and microphones. And it was there we settled into this musical revue on the life and times of Mr. Johnny Cash, narrated by an older version of the Man in Black himself.

If you’re a fan of his music, you’ll love sitting and listening. If you don’t know anything about him, you’ll be surprised at what songs you know and I dare you to keep your feet from tapping.

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