Coming Soon: Jeeves Intervenes


Look out London!

High society isn’t prepared for the dual antics of confirmed bachelor Bertram Wilberforce Wooster and his old school chum Eustace Bassington-Bassington. The men are each desperate to escape their fate – for “Bertie”, an undesired marriage to Gertrude; for “Basie”, an unwanted job in India (which he’d happily trade for Gertrude’s hand at the altar). To save themselves they must enact an outrageous scheme of deception and disguise. But before the duo can dodge the traps of meddling Aunt Agatha and Uncle Rupert, their plan spins wildly out of control. Only the quick-witted manservant Jeeves has a chance to rescue these bumbling fools from their unfortunate futures.

Jeeves Intervenes is a delightful installment in the comedic series by British humourist P.G. Wodehouse – adapted for the stage by Margaret Raether. Its “vivid wordplay and snappy, sugar-coated insults,” (Daily Herald) promises a highly entertaining autumn play of mistaken identities, strained friendships and broken engagements. Don’t miss the mayhem!

Tickets for Jeeves Intervenes are available now for evening and matinee performances. September 11 to October 3.

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