The Endowment Circle

Like a ring of growth in one of Vancouver Island’s mighty Cedar trees, the Endowment Circle will annually recognize all gifts over $250 to the theatre’s Endowment by way of engraved wood plaques in the lobby. Donors giving $1,000 or more will be recognized at the Champions’ Ring level, and gifts between $250 and $999 will be listed at the Contributors’ Ring level.

When you give this way, the Department of Canadian Heritage will match your contribution through the Canada Cultural Investment Fund, Endowment Incentives component. Each dollar given to the Endowment will be matched by up to $1 from the Federal government.

The theatre’s Endowment now stands at $1.74 million dollars and contributed $77,324 to operations over the last twelve months. Our goal is to grow the endowment fund over time to match the theatre’s annual operating budget.

What is an Endowment Fund?

An endowment fund is a long-term investment for our future financial health and security. The capital is held in perpetuity, the fund grows over time, and each year a portion of the income generated from the fund is available for distribution back to support the work of the Chemainus Theatre Festival Society.

Who Manages the Fund?

Vancouver Foundation is a community foundation with over 65 years of experience helping individuals, corporations, and charities strengthen their communities. Today they manage endowment funds worth over $1 billion for individuals, families, non-profit organizations, and businesses.

How Can You Help?

Annual donations to the Chemainus Theatre Festival help us to deliver the very best in artistry, talent, and shows each season. However, the Endowment Fund is vital to sustain our artistic excellence and continue to build upon our projects and programs. Donations directly to the Endowment Fund will increase our financial security and provide greater annual income to the Theatre.