Million Dollar Quartet Rocking Us Into 2016!


Mark DuMez

Welcome to our 2016 Season. It’s a year where we tell stories from all over the map – rural Ontario, small towns in New York and Oklahoma, the Great Lakes and, in our Kidzplay show, a mystic part of the BC Coast. We are looking forward to a fantastic ride tasting flavours from all over.

In my early 20’s, I had the joy of sampling tastes of the American South for the better part of two years. I worked on a mask show, painted houses and trained in one of the most unique experiences of my life in and around Nashville and journeyed to other parts including Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi the Blue Ridge Mountains. It all had a life-long impact and informed my artistry. Something about the heat, the flavour and the spirit of the place is entirely unique in North America and stews creativity.

In the musical realm, rockabilly is a uniquely Southern spice that went on to shape music all over the world, and this blend of blues, gospel, folk and other elements had its origin in the place we will visit in this show – Sun Studio, Memphis, Tennessee. A world of sound and personality sprung from this small storefront. The recipe for this musical jambalaya is part sun drenched soil, a helping of both wild spirit and a few quarts of good ole’ boy fun. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have.

About Mark

Mark is a proud resident of Vancouver Island and has enjoyed directing Sherlock Holmes, Jeeves in Bloom, A Pretty Girl (A Shayna Maidel), Ring of Fire, Elf: The Musical, The 39 Steps and Amadeus for Chemainus Theatre. Other favourites include: A Christmas Carol, Strindberg’s Easter, Anne, Mr. Pim Passes By and Pet the Fish. He has collaborated with companies including Theatre X, Pacific Theatre and TheatreOne to develop over a dozen new plays. Favourite acting credits include: Mass Appeal, Enchanted April, Queen Milli of Galt and Streetcar Named Desire.