“The whole production is unbelievably good, breathtaking!!! I couldn’t single out one part or actor/actress! I came home from the show and on the same evening bought another ticket … I’m going to watch the show again in August!”

“I saw this in London – in my opinion your production was the best! Every minute was excellent! The voices were awesome – I could hear every word. Thank you for a wonderful experience!”

“Amazing production! As a volunteer usher at the Theatre, I hear people raving about the show as they leave, comparing it to other productions seen internationally. Fabulous work, CFT !!”

As residents of Chemainus my wife and I have had many opportunities to enjoy performances at the Theatre Festival there.

We constantly marvel at the professionalism and quality of everything that they do.

No surprise, then, that we treated ourselves to tickets to their most recent venture – Les Misérables.

Having seen the musical performed in London by the original cast, and, more recently, having watched the 2012 Tom Hooper movie, we went with a great deal of curiosity as to how such a lavish show could be adapted to our smaller local environment. Much curiosity, but frankly no great expectations.

Boy, were we surprised! Peter Jorgensen’s direction is inspired. The performance was superb, from the set design to the singing to the costumes to the acting. It is hard to single out any specific talent, it all worked so well together. All in all, the most memorable performance of all the excellent ones at the Chemainus Theatre festival. An A+++!

We are writing this letter to encourage anyone who may not have already booked their tickets to do so with haste. You will have a wonderful time and, like us, will be humming the melodies for weeks to come.

Peter and Margaret

As good as the large stage performance! I did not know what to expect as it is a small Theatre. It surpassed any expectations. What a wonderful job they have done, even bringing tears to my eyes.

Kathy F, Trip Advisor

We saw Les Miserables and it was incredible! We also had the buffet, which was also excellent….

mhbaird, Trip Advisor

Terrific Professional Summer Theatre! Excellent production of Les Miserables. Consistently good theatre…

Freddie754, Trip Advisor

I am a Les Mis fan, and attended this with great anticipation and curiosity as to how this small theatre company would approach the stage and setting options as well hoping that my favourite songs would be met with the vocal strength required to sing them. In my opinion, everything about this production was perfect. The staging, the singing, the actors, really everything was just excellent. Lunch at the theatre is a wonderful experience, the customer service is at every corner is great. Leave time to walk around Chemainus, great shopping too. Note that this production is a long one, just over 3 hours.

yesiamtrish2, Trip Advisor