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Dance can be a way to express our deepest emotions – joy, love, and sometimes even sadness. We dance at weddings, birthdays, and great celebrations. There is a sense of abandon when we dance, a loss of intellectual control.

Footloose is a story about dancing, but it’s also about a family and a town that is grieving a great loss. It’s a story about how fear and grief can cause us to control the things around us, when what we really need is to let go.

I love this story and I’m so grateful to be telling it with the team here in Chemainus who are so generous of spirit and creativity. It takes me back to my teens, a time when, as an adolescent, I struggled to make the adults around me see what I believed to be the truth. I didn’t understand that they were dealing with their own emotions and fears and that perhaps there was a meeting ground where we could connect and learn from each other.

It is also a musical filled with love, heart, and open youthful energy, something that we can all use a bit of in our sometimes challenging and adult lives. So, we invite you to let that energy take you beyond your worries and cares and CUT FOOTLOOSE!!!

Feel free to dance in your seat.

About Barbara

I’m thrilled to be making my debut at CTF with this terrific cast and creative team! Favourite credits: Cathy – The Last Five Years, directing Crazy for You, Goblin Market and completing my MFA at UBC. Upcoming: Directing The Music Man at Gateway Theatre this winter and 42nd Street at Studio 58 in the spring. Thanks to my friends and family, and my team at Da Costa Talent.