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A Family Christmas Classic

aboutxmasstoryThe final show of the Festival’s Season always stands apart. It’s not that the artistry and entertainment value differ from any other production; our teams are always giving you their greatest. The specialness comes from the holiday spirit and feeling of anticipation we all share.

Looking forward to what’s coming is an exciting part of coming to the end of a season. At the same time, we are comforted by the nostalgia of looking back. At the Festival, we have fond memories from nearly 25 years of holiday productions, all of which start with the same wish – to share a theatrical moment you’ll cherish with us.


This year, that wishful quality of Christmas is at the heart of our comedic play, A Christmas Story. Turning back the pages to 1938, we will see young Ralphie’s attempts to convince his parents, his teacher, and Santa that a Red Ryder B.B. gun really is the perfect Christmas gift – and hear through his older, perhaps wiser, narration, how hope can lead us in many interesting directions.

The play is an adaptation of the award winning 1983 film – derived from the short stories and semi-fictional anecdotes of author Jean Shepherd (published in his book In God We Trust: All Others Pay Cash (1966). Having deep resonance in North American culture, the story is considered a holiday classic with a message: no matter how crazy the path our personal wishes lead us, in the end we find happiness from the caring of others.

Our greatest wish is to share inspiring theatre with you, and we thank you for being part of this memorable chapter in our own “Christmas Story.” Enjoy your festivities, and we hope you’ll continue to celebrate with us in 2017 as we mark 25 years of outstanding Festival performances!


Coming Up: Things Are About to Get Strange!



Elwood P. Dowd is unlike anyone you’ve ever met. He insists on introducing his friend Harvey to everyone around town – trouble is, Harvey is an invisible six-foot-tall rabbit.

Such eccentric behaviour just won’t do in the eyes of his easily embarrassed (and social-climbing) sister. Something must be done, and a trip to the sanatorium for an “cure-all” injection is planned. But things are about to get stranger yet.


See what happens when the real patient is mistaken, the doctors begin to behave oddly, and Elwood is suddenly as hard to spot as his imaginary friend.

Harvey is a Broadway comedy of errors with “unassuming charm,” (The Hollywood Reporter). The play, by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Mary Chase, promises to make you laugh as you wonder whether the world needs more “normal” people, or more “Harveys”?


On stage at The Chemainus Theatre Festival May 6 – 28, 2016.

Tickets are available now at 1.800.565.7738 or chemainustheatre.ca.



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Ring of Fire Reignites in April 2016!

2016 Ring of Fire

Reignited by Foot-Stompin’, Crowd-Pleasin’ Demand!

Great music, memorable characters, and slice of life stories often win our favour, and hearts, at The Chemainus Theatre Festival. Imagine our thrill to discover that you, our patrons, feel the same way. Along with praise for the 2015 production of Ring of Fire, we received numerous requests and suggestions to honour the legendary Johnny Cash with a second run of the rockabilly musical about his life story.

For a show to take The Festival stage a second time it must offer a special kind of magic. It must be exquisitely performed, replete with emotion, and fondly remembered. Could this tribute to a wild, gentlemanly singer, songwriter, and rustic poet fit the playbill for a consecutive year?

It was an easy decision. One listen to the deep throttling voice of the American music legend and we knew that the acclaimed Broadway show deserved a second time in the spotlight. Now the challenge was upon us: to relight the original spark of sensation. Fortunately, the original production and artistic team also share our enthusiasm for Ring of Fire. We are excited to work with many of the cast and crew again, as well as welcome a few new talented people to the current production. Judging from their red-hot rehearsals, the best of the Man In Black is back. Thank you for joining us to relive the rowdiness, resilience, and iconic songs that punctuate the incredible life of Johnny Cash!

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