It’s the One that You Want!

Dust off your leather jacket, pull on your bobby-socks, and bop back in time as Danny and Sandy fall in love. This fun Broadway musical features all the comedy, drama, and unforgettable songs that has made it one of the most popular musicals in the world.

Grease was first performed in 1971 in the original Kingston Mines nightclub in Chicago. American playwrights Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey created that original production as a raunchy, raw, aggressive, and vulgar show, intended to shake things up with its shock value.

The Broadway version was much less aggressive, becoming the musical we now know and love; an homage to the idealism of the fifties and a satire of the ages-old youthful urge to be rebellious and provocative. While the language and action are toned down, the underlying themes of the original play are there; love, friendship, peer pressure, rebellion, and class conflict all couched in rollicking 50’s rock, energetic dancing, fight stunts, biting one-liners, and comedic gags. Grease is a romp back in time but remains relevant to our contemporary concerns, handling with a light touch, such controversial social issues as gang violence, sexual exploration, teen pregnancy, and the impacts rampant consumerism has on our cultural values.

All the best plays provoke thought as much as laughter and Grease is certainly ranked among the best! The Broadway production opened Feb. 14, 1972 and won nine Tony awards, including Best Musical. At the time it closed on Broadway, Grease had seen 3,388 performances, making it the longest running Broadway show at that time. It went on to become a West End hit, a successful feature film in 1978 featuring John Travolta and Oliva Newton-John, and enjoyed two popular Broadway revivals in 1994 and 2007.

You may have seen the original Broadway production or you may have seen the movies; now, we invite you bop back in time and enjoy Grease in all its flashy choreography, adrenaline pumping fight stunts, and heartfelt exuberance!

Audience Advisory:
Appropriate for adult, teenage and some pre-teen audiences (parental guidance advised) This spirited musical with a fabulous fifties-style soundtrack contains innuendo and occasional mild language that some may find offensive.