Cast of Twist and Shout

by Lexi Bainas, The Citizen

The British are invading the Chemainus Theatre for a long summer run with starting on Friday, June 12 at 8 p.m. Twist and Shout takes you way back to the Swinging Sixties: to the days when mop-top haircuts and stylish mod suits and groovy new sounds gave notice that it was great to be young.

Groups like the Beatles, who took the American pop and RB sounds they loved and gave them a new kick, arrived in North America.

An adoring public rocketed their music to the top of the charts.

Sure, 50 years have passed, but everyone still knows and loves these tunes. So, for a really swinging summer, the Chemainus Theatre Festival is presenting as its 2015 blockbuster musical, Twist Shout: The British Invasion, an acclaimed song and dance revue that includes 64 all-time hits, and anecdotes about the music revolution.

Across Canada, Twist Shout has played to the delight of many, from nostalgic baby boomers to young generations who dig its retro-cool music. “In the summer, we like to give audiences of all ages a reason to take time for the theatre,” says Festival marketing manager Michelle Vogelgesang. “Twist Shout is a show that is both entertaining and a great story for a wide variety of people.”