Mark Dumez

Mark DuMez

For the Chemainus Theatre Festival, an organization dedicated to exploring and nourishing truth, hope, redemption, love and the human spirit, Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables is an exciting undertaking. The core of the tale goes straight to the heart. To tell the expansive story, we’ve brought in our largest team, extended technical rehearsals and pre-production planning and added other resources to the show. And yet, in this intimate theatre, we get to enjoy this sweeping epic up close and personal – in compelling closeness. It’s been a thrill.

In Hugo’s world, we are faced with opportunities to witness the embrace of another person or dismissal of them, characters who seek only their own survival and those who engage in acts of service. Everyone in this story has desperate needs – seeking justice, finding safety, reconciling their past and choosing to love as they would want to be loved. And yet, the most powerful elements of the story turn on acts of mercy, love and forgiveness. The sweeping arcs of these characters reflect to us our own realities and ask how will we respond when faced with our own sets of difficult choices? How then shall we live? Welcome to our summer musical – thank you for joining us!