Cast of Million Dollar Quartet

Patrons of the Chemainus Theatre Festival have shown us their enthusiasm for musical tributes time and again. And we wholly agree with their reviews. There is something extraordinary about the combination of a live music and performed storytelling.

This appreciation for tribute-style shows is one reason we bring you Million Dollar Quartet and Ring of Fire: Project Johnny Cash.

What makes a tribute show stand-out? It is the way that music and background story intertwine. Unlike traditional musicals, the actors play the instruments, which defines qualities of their character and their journey.

Million Dollar Quartet is like four tributes in one, with the music and stories of iconic artists united by the coolest, coincidental event in music history: the day a young Jerry Lee Lewis was playing piano for a Carl Perkins recording session, when the sudden appearance of chart-topper Elvis Presley and rising-star Johnny Cash transforms the night into a red-hot recording session – thanks to the quick-thinking producer, Sam Phillips.

Ring of Fire: Project Johnny Cash reveals how cash went from a modest life of farming to one of influential fame – all based on his genre-busting sound that still kicks-it today. It is potent with the themes of love, faith, family, rowdiness, resilience through hard times, and redemption. The beauty of Johnny Cash is he let us hear many strands of a growing nation finding its groove. And there is something appealing about the idea of wild individualism set against the fabric of community.

We hope you are thrilled with performances of both these blockbuster Broadway hits – and all the incredible theatrical experiences we are bringing you in 2016.