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Did an afternoon meeting with the avowed atheist Sigmund Freud inspire Christian apologist C. S. Lewis to create his most personal – and most enduring – defense of God…? In this marvellous, witty “what if..?” scenario, a dying Freud summons Lewis (then an ambitious young Oxford professor) to his London study – for reasons that gradually become clear. As a result, on the day in 1939 that England declares war on Germany (beginning World War II), the two men trade body blows and punch lines about what they each love and fear: war, death, God, sex, suffering… and their fathers (NOT their mothers…!!).

Freud confronts the notion of belief in his fi nal days, Lewis begins battling theological problems that will plague him for a lifetime, and we become witnesses to the kind of passionate, mindful, moving exchange that has forever spurred the human imagination.

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