photo_twist19 Summer in Chemainus, music that rocks and a collection of creative and talented people from across Canada making their home on Vancouver Island for the time. These are just a few of the reasons why Twist and Shout is a treat to produce on this lovely stage. From listening to the sounds and instruments of the era, to enjoying the tunes pumping out of the rehearsal hall – this summer is all about nostalgia, celebration and the robust energy that this time and music inspired.

After years of playing on the boards here in Chemainus, and now a few years and the occasional grey hair as Artistic Director – I am so thankful for the many friends this theatre has and how they support the work we do. During each season, I get to work with creative, energetic and passionate artists through planning, rehearsal and coordination with colleagues across the nation (including the good people at Ontario’s Drayton Entertainment and this show’s director – thanks Alex). We see thousands of people enter the theatre with anticipation and exit with delight. Thanks to all of you who are a part of the exchange through the rich, vibrant and exciting world we create, inhabit and enjoy here in Chemainus. Enjoy the show.

Mark DuMez