The Professional Association of Canadian Theatre recently released a study that found 80% of Canadians believe live theatre is important to making communities both vibrant places to live and helping attract visitors. Looking at Chemainus and the Cowichan region, this certainly holds true as the Chemainus Theatre has become a cultural and economic cornerstone drawing close to 70,000 theatre goers per year to our artsy seaside corner of the Island.

Even on the broad national scene, Chemainus plays an integral role. Last year, roughly 8 million tickets were sold for live theatre across our country. This means 1 out of every 114 people who attended a theatre performance in Canada did so by visiting the Chemainus Theatre.

Theatre plays a key role creating vibrancy and drawing us together to help create and support that elusive sense of community. Even if it’s just for a few hours as an audience sharing a collective experience, theatre is a living breathing thing that flourishes and grows with greater participation.

Randal Huber