Welcome to the Chemainus Theatre! Volunteers help us deliver an outstanding professional theatre experience to our patrons. The energy, passion and commitment of our volunteers aid in the success of our productions and our reputation. Come join our team and become an ambassador for the arts! Please note all volunteer applicants are interviewed before approval. Thank you for your application!

Volunteer Responsibilities

As a Volunteer for the Chemainus Theatre Festival, I agree to the following:

  • Take reasonable care of their own health and safety while volunteering and that of others who may be affected by their actions;
  • Take part in training relevant to my role as a volunteer;
  • I will work to the best of my abilities in the tasks that have been assigned to me;
  • I will represent the Chemainus Theatre Festival in a positive way in the community;
  • I will arrive on time for my shift in order to be prepared for work on time;
  • I will dress appropriately, as outlined in the current Volunteer Resource and Training Manual, in order to maintain the positive image of the Chemainus Theatre Festival;
  • At any time, if I am unable to fulfill my duties, I will give the Volunteer Coordinator as much notice as possible;
  • The Volunteer Coordinator has the right to terminate my involvement with the Chemainus Theatre Festival at any time if I am unable to perform my duties as set out in the Volunteer Job Description.


While volunteering at the Chemainus Theatre Festival, you must hold in confidence all matters that come to your attention in the line of duty, including material from or about our patrons and matters regarding other volunteers. Please respect the privacy of others and use all information gained at the Chemainus Theatre Festival in a responsible manner.

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