Ring of Fire: Rehersals

Looks like the boys are having a lot of fun in rehearsal! Everyone is hard at work getting ready for opening Feb. 20. Lyrics rolling around today … “I fell into a burning ring of fire, I went down, down, down as the flames went higher And it burns, burns, burns, The ring of fire, the ring of fire.”


Kraig Waye and Zachary Stevenson



Zachary Stevenson – Musical Director hard a work.



Zarchary Stevenson, Scott Carmichael, Kraig Waye and Mark MacRae


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Ring of Fire: About the Show

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Welcome to our Rockabilly Slice of American Life

Ring of Fire: Project Johnny Cash is a musical about a wild gentleman, a rustic poet, a saved sinner and an American music hero. The Broadway show features 30 hit songs and remarkable stories that reveal how cash went from a modest life of farming to one of influential fame – all based on his genre-busting sound that still kicks-it today.

Ring of Fire (conceived by William Meade and created by Richard Maltby Jr.) has all the boisterous flavour of the Johnny cash experience. it is potent with the themes of love, faith, family, rowdiness, resilience through hard times, and redemption. But this musical is more than a typical biography or collection of popular songs. in a mosaic of inspiring stories paired with his unforgettable music, Ring of Fire reveals a sweeping portrayal of American life. The beauty of Johnny cash is he let us hear many strands of a growing nation finding its groove. and there is something appealing about the idea of wild individualism set against the fabric of community.

Johnny cash became a mainstay not just in the hearts of his fans, but also in the music industry. We are excited to recreate his half-century career for our audiences, to sing his most popular songs, and to tell his story as young man falling in love, getting married, dealing with adversity, and finally reaching his golden years. in Ring of Fire, you can feel the depth of cash’s journey, and perhaps a bit of your own.

The Man in Black

Johnny cash had an undeniably notorious nature, but there’s much to be learned about the music legend. Did you know?…

  • “Johnny Cash” is not his real name! Until his air force days he was called by his given name, “J.R.”.
  • He sold over 90 million albums in his nearly fifty-year career – and recorded over 1,200 songs!
  • He wasn’t only a songwriter, he also composed poems, stories, articles, two autobiographies – Man in Black (1975), and Cash: The Autobiography (1997).
  • After his one and only voice lesson, his teacher advised him not to let anyone change the way he sang.
  • His first guitar was purchased in Germany for about $5.00 US.
  • His signature introduction – “Hello, I’m Johnny cash” – debuted at his concert at Folsom prison.
  • June Carter finally accepted Cash’s proposal for marriage at a hockey arena in Ontario.
  • Cash suffered from aviataphobia (fear of flying) and ophidophobia (fear of snakes).
  • Cash was known for his “outlaw” image – earned in the 60s due to incidents involving hotel rooms, drugs, and the police. But the 70’s were a new lease on life; he remarried and re-dedicated to his christian roots (earning a degree in theology and becoming an ordained minister).
  • His diversity is evidenced by his presence in three major music halls of fame: the Nashville Songwriters Hall of fame (1977), The Country Music Hall of Fame (1980), and The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (1992).

The world will never stop missing Johnny cash, and we thank you for joining us to enjoy the work of a maverick musician, iconic songwriter, and legendary hell-raiser!

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