Film Festival

The Playbill Dining Room will be open on Friday and Saturday evenings before the film screenings, serving our Classic Buffet Menu.

The Playbill Dining Room will be open Friday and Saturday evening before the film screenings.

Les Filles du Roi

(The King’s Daughters)

Friday, March 8  –  7 PM

Presented by
Urban Ink, Corey Payette and Julie McIsaac

Les Filles du Roi (The King’s Daughters) is the powerful story of a young girl, Kateri, and her brother Jean-Baptiste whose lives are disrupted upon the arrival of les filles du roi in ‘New France’ (now Montreal) in 1665. They forge an unlikely relationship with the young fille Marie-Jeanne Lespérance – whose dream of a new life is more complicated than she could have imagined. Over the course of a year, Mohawk, French and English journeys collide, setting the stage for the Canada we know today.

Urban Ink has transformed their cutting-edge, award-winning musical theatre production, Les Filles du Roi, by Corey Payette and Julie McIsaac, into a gorgeous trilingual musical film written in English, French and Kanien’kéha (Mohawk) to debut in 2023. A deeply moving and unique work, this story is a perfect vehicle that uncovers a perspective different from the one told by Settler culture, one that redefines the Canadian narrative. Now beautifully shot with Payette’s directorial panache, the work will have a broader reach for people to reimagine our history in more inclusive and accurate ways.

Winner of BEST MUSIC at Hamilton International Film Festival.


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Haida Modern – the art and activism of Robert Davidson

Saturday, March 9  –  2 PM

A film by Charles Wilkinson, Shore Films and Optic Nerve Films

Haida Modern documents the life and times of amazing, visionary artist Robert Davidson. Here on the west coast pretty much everyone is touched by Robert’s work. Even if you don’t know Indigenous art and artists, we’re surrounded by it. It’s on the walls, the phone boxes, on T-shirts, jewelry, tattoos, on the protest signs and regalia at the frequent rallies in defence of the increasingly threatened natural world. It’s in the monumental displays that make YVR one of the top airports on the planet. 50 years ago it wasn’t like this. Outside of museums there was almost no sign of the advanced cultures that had lived here for millennia. So what happened?

Haida Modern finds out by following Robert Davidson to his native Haida Gwaii, Alaska, Vancouver, San Francisco, New York, Austin Texas. We see Robert at work in his studio bringing forward the knowledge of the old masters into the 21st century. It’s a story full of laughter and tears. It’s an amazing story filled with hope and magic and the breathtaking beauty of the natural world Robert’s works spring from.


The Great Salish Heist

Saturday, March 9  –  7 PM

In association with Orca Cove Media, Less Bland Productions Inc

The Great Salish Heist is a local feature from the team behind Tzouhalem and A Cedar Is Life that features many Canadian and international stars, such as Tricia Helfer, Graham Greene, David Lewis, Ashley Callingbull, and Darrell Dennis (doing double duty as director).

The story starts with Steve Joe, a traditional archaeologist for the Moquahat people, who faces a personal and community crisis when sacred objects are removed from their burial sites. Convinced that his myriad misfortunes stem from this desecration, Steve rallies a diverse group from the Rez to reclaim the stolen artifacts from a heavily guarded museum. The team includes the troubled Stephanie, gruff single-mother Joanne, faux-British Andrew, and socially stunted Craig. To fund their heist, Steve reluctantly partners with a Russian gangster, Yuri, and his boss Vladimir. As the team plans their daring mission, Steve grapples with the dilemma of whether to give sacred objects to the gangsters. The stakes heighten as they gain unexpected allies and attempt to execute a cunning plan.

The Great Salish Heist is a journey of redemption, cultural reclamation, and the lengths one man and his heist team will go to outwit their foes and restore sacred artifacts.


Content warning: This film is a comedy heist for mature audiences and includes strong language, profanity, vulgarity, racialized words and content, gun violence, use of alcohol and some sexual innuendo.