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FEB 15 – APR 6


Ages 6+

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Based on the story of the von Trapp family singers, this thrilling and inspirational family musical follows the romantic story of Captain von Trapp and governess Maria as they fall in love and bring a family together, during the turbulent and frightening time preceeding World War II.

When Nazis demand the immediate enlistment of the Captain, this couple’s love and courage helps them narrowly escape over the Austrian mountains with their seven children. Their story comes to life onstage with beloved songs “My Favourite Things,” “Do-Re-Mi,” “Climb Every Mountain,” and of course “The Sound of Music.”

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Director’s Notes

Inside the most militaristic or cynical hearts, I believe, is a kind of discontent. We were made to love, hope and laugh. When oppressive structures impose themselves on vital life, there is an inevitable revolt. Captain von Trapp is, well, trapped by many things – personal tragedy, the needs of his family, political change and his own response. Similarly, Maria has become entangled in her own problem. She entered the Abbey to find her heart’s calling, but she has
lost it. Her calling is in the hills, through song, a new community and the dynamic relationships outside the Abbey walls. The messy longings and hearts of these two iconic figures revolt against the structures that surround them. A loving revolt and a call to action. The revolution also impacts their family and friends. Geopolitical pressures require them to define their allegiances. The newly minted von Trapps end up pursuing a life beyond the ugly confines of the power, force, and manipulation of the Anschluss. On this path, a simple flower, the edelweiss, serves to remind of what is authentic, true and living. As nationalism rises in many corners of the globe, this grand musical has new relevance. It continues to ask if oppressive structures should be allowed to confine and restrict, or, in contrast, if the vital and living connection to family, friends, and community will rise in harmony through Sound of Music.

Mark DuMez

The loveliest musical imaginable...vibrant and amusing...a plot that rises to genuine excitement.

New York Telegram and Sun

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