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Have you heard the news?

We are so pleased to share we have reached are targeted goal of $5,000 for our hearing assist system we’re in the loop!  We couldn’t be more pleased and thankful for all the generous support and donations.”Glorious!”

The campaign will still remain open for additional donations. These funds will be used towards the purchase of headsets, enabling those without hearing aides to benefit from the system.   Donations welcome at the box office 1-800-565-7738 or…

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How Does it Work?

An induction loop helps people with hearing loss to hear much more easily in public places such as churches, theatres or even at home and can be used by anyone of any age.

Hearing loops offer patrons with hearing devices the most discreet amplification experience in a public setting. Listeners sit or stand inside the loop and turn on their telecoils to hear the sound. Sound clarity and speech intelligibility are greatly improved. Listening becomes easier.

For people who use hearing aids, cochlear implants or bone-anchored hearing aids, sound can be sent directly from the hearing loop into their aids. A special part called a telecoil is required to pick up the signal from a loop. Many hearing aids come pre-equipped with telecoils.

Main Elements of a Loop System