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The seat’s new story

We are happy to report that the restoration of the theatre seats is well underway. The new plaques, engraved with sponsor’s personalized messages have been affixed to the seats.

We are elated to share that collectively there have been 193 of 274 seats sponsored. The entire Centre section has been sponsored and restored.

There are still seats available in the left and right sections for sponsorship. This campaign will continue to be ongoing until we reach our goal of having all 274 seats restored.

Here’s the plan for restoration

These grand chairs still have lots of life left in them. We are currently replacing the internal cushioning.  These chairs may well last another 25 years.  The mechanics and structural parts are in good condition and the upholstery is fine.

Please consider donating

A Charitable donation of $225 will sponsor restoration of one of our theatre chairs, while $425 will restore a pair of chairs. This is wonderful opportunity to remember a loved one or a special occasion.  Giving a gift that will be enjoyed by theatre goers for years to come, is a lasting gift.  Please be part of our new story.


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