We’re humbled to announce that Dr. Don Hilton and Gregg Perry, together with Island Savings, Duncan Iron Works, and Chemainus Best Western Plus, have collectively pledged $85,000 toward a Return to Stage matched giving campaign.

At this time, we hope you can join these lead donors as we set to rebuilding the theatre and resuming live professional theatre.

Each dollar donated to the theatre will be matched up to $85,000.  If fully matched, these funds will help us through the last of this ‘great intermission’ and put Chemainus Theatre on track to produce a full 2022 season.

We are incredibly thankful for the generosity of this group and hope you will partner with them to re-ignite the stage so we can gather again for great stories and music.  With your help, we are ready to build on our three-decade track record. What a wonderful, shared legacy!

Thank you for sustaining us through the past two years with your generosity, supportive words and patience.  And thank you for considering this request!

Best Regards,

Randy Huber,
Managing Director