The Chemainus Theatre is pleased to announce that we are adding online streaming events to our offerings starting in March.

We had initially planned to start the new year with our Playbill Presents Live Entertainment Series with socially distanced live entertainment in the Playbill Dining Room. However, COVID-19, local and national public health orders, and the increased restrictions on social gatherings continue to impact our plans.
We were fortunate to receive a grant under the Island Coastal Economic Trust’s Small Capital Restart Funding Program. The grant has allowed us to embark on a pilot project to capture, record, edit and live-stream broadcast digital video content of our ‘Playbill Presents’ series. Project funding has been used to purchase the equipment required for broadcasting. By presenting events through digital media, we hope to reach existing audiences that need greater protection from COVID, maintain our connection to traditional markets and create new possibilities and opportunities to improve sustainability.

“Creating new opportunities for small businesses to bridge operational restrictions and increase their revenues is essential now, particularly entering the winter months,” noted Island Coastal Economic Trust CEO Line Robert.

Over the last year, we have added two new venues for the arts – the Playbill Presents Stage and our online venue. While we experiment and build on these experiences, we are eagerly planning to return to the Mainstage later in the year. We hope to have more details about these plans this spring. In the meantime – we look forward to seeing you online or at the Playbill!

We are excited to announce that we will be launching our first live streaming event on March 12th. This will be an exclusive online event featuring Zachary Stevenson presented explicitly to our “Bridging the Gap” Fundraising Campaign donors. There is still time to contribute, and all funds donated up to $60,000 will be collectively matched by our lead donors Gregg & Jennifer Perry, Dr. Don & Joyce Hilton, and perennial sponsor Duncan Iron Works.
The Playbill Dining Room will reopen on March 19th for dinner service, however the cabarets will remain in hiatus until the current public health order limiting public gatherings is lifted. Until then, we are happy to move our Playbill Presents Series online with streaming events. Check our website for more information and updates as they become available.

While we don’t see digital Theatre taking over, streaming events allows us to see will allow us to see some new talent and favourite performers until the theatre is accessible. . It won’t replace the hushed excitement before the show, the thrill of watching a live performance and talking about it with friends afterwards – live Theatre has an appeal that is hard to replicate online. But we hope you will join us for our next endeavour into streamed performances.

Thank you for your patience, support, and understanding and for being a part of the Chemainus Theatre Experience.  Be well and stay safe.  We look forward to seeing you next season when we can all share our creative energy, artistry, determination, and heart.