MAY 24-AUG 31


Ages 12+

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On a Greek island paradise where the sun always shines, ABBA’s enchanting, timeless hits propel this beautiful and funny tale of love, friendship, and identity. Sophie is about to be married and is determined to find the father she’s never known, to give her away at the wedding.

The problem? She has peeked in her mother’s diary and discovered her father could be any one of three men! Sophie brings her three potential birth fathers to the island, bringing her mother face-to-face with her distant past, as they all prepare for a wedding they’ll never forget!

Director’s Notes

Mamma Mia, here I go again, my, my, how can I resist you?

This is how I feel about ABBA Music, it starts playing and I immediately begin to sing along, I can’t help it. What is it that you can’t resist?
Sophie can’t resist the pull of the mystery of who her father is, and her decision to invite all three of her possible fathers to her wedding sets into motion a maelstrom that puts everyone on a new path.

ABBA’s music and Mamma Mia! both have the reputation for being fluffy or lacking in meaning, but I disagree. I mean, they are fun and joyful, but also deal with some big themes; soul mates, best friends and mother-daughter relationships. The music is layered with evocative harmonies and can move you from heartbreak to great joy and make you want to dance. There is a reason that this show is so loved wherever it plays.

So, transport yourself to summer on a small Greek island, surrounded by white plaster buildings, bougainvillea, and an endless blue sky and enjoy, Mamma Mia!

Barbara Tomasic

PG 13 for some language and sex-related comments.

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