Apr 28 – May 28

Bella Manningham believes she is living an idyllic married life with her charming husband Jack, but is she? Items disappear, pictures move, and the gaslight dims. Bella worries that her grip on reality is slipping, and she will drive Jack away. Secrets from the past reveal themselves as Bella searches for answers in this exciting new adaptation of the classic thriller Angel Street.

Age recommendation: 14+

Contains adult themes, loud noises, strobe lighting effects, use of gun and depictions of violence and psychological abuse (gaslighting).

A New Adaptation by
Johnna Wright
and Patty Jamieson

“In a New Take on Gaslight, a Heroine Finds Her Own Way”  New York Times

“It could certainly take
a shot at Broadway”
New York Times

“This much-adapted story has been given a smart and satisfying update.” Toronto Star

“This latest version… is very much of the post-#MeToo era, placing female resilience and solidarity centre stage.” Toronto Star

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