The Chemainus Theatre Festival, a not-for-profit organization, is proud to support a diverse range of community groups by donating performance tickets to fundraising events. Each season the Chemainus Theatre receives many requests and provides hundreds of tickets to local charities and not-for-profit groups.

For ticket donation requests, please review the following Eligibility Guidelines and Submission Process:

Eligibility Guidelines

Chemainus Theatre generally accepts requests for ticket donations which are used to support fundraising efforts benefiting community groups, charitable organizations and not-for-profit initiatives across British Columbia.

Chemainus Theatre accepts individual requests for two (2) tickets for a mainstage performance at the theatre. Successful applicants will be provided a voucher, including details such as the specific show the voucher is for, the donation value and date restrictions.

Requests must be submitted electronically at least 30 days before the fundraising event date to allow time for review and processing.

Requests are approved at the sole discretion of Chemainus Theatre.  Please note – while all requests receive due consideration, some donation requests may not be fulfilled due to demand.

  • Each charity is eligible to receive one donation per year. As multiple events often benefit the same organization, please be advised that a donation to your charity may already have been awarded through another event.
  • Donations are limited and applications must be received a minimum of 1 month in advance of the event or donation confirmation deadline, whichever comes first.
  • Requests are reviewed bi-weekly, please submit your request as early as possible.
  • Special consideration may be given to organizations that recognize the Chemainus Theatre Festival through signage and program mentions, allow cross-promotional opportunities, and offer reciprocal donations.
  • Selected charities will be provided with a voucher redeemable for two (2) theatre-only tickets to a specific Chemainus Theatre Festival production.
  • Day and date restrictions apply to donations and seats are subject to availability. Advance reservations are required.  Donation vouchers cannot be exchanged for another show.

Please note that donation requests cannot be considered for:

  • requests to donate tickets for prizing or giveaways that are not a part of a fundraiser event benefitting a community group, charitable organization or not-for-profit initiative on Vancouver Island
  • requests to donate tickets in support of fundraisers benefitting a specific individual or family
  • requests related to commercial, institutional, religious or political events and/or initiatives
  • requests to donate tickets to groups that are already the recipient or beneficiary of a donation of tickets from Chemainus Theatre.

Submission Process

Please complete the electronic submission form below and upload a donation request letter on letterhead of the beneficiary group more than 30 days prior to your event day.

All donation requests are processed promptly in the order that they are received. Due to the high volume of requests, we will only contact applicants of successful requests within two weeks of receipt.

If you have any questions about Chemainus Theatre’s Ticket Donation Program, please email ???????or call 240-246-8141.


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