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Silent Sky at Chemainus Theatre

Cosmic Love Story

Henrietta Leavitt sees greatness in the stars – if only others saw the brilliance in her. While many earthly complications stand in her way, her astonishing discoveries of astronomy, family, and love will change everyone’s (outer) worldly perspective.

Silent Sky is a startling, entertaining true story of a brilliant, history-making woman.” –

More about the show:

Based on the true story and science of early 20th century female “computers” at Harvard Observatory. Astonishing discoveries await Henrietta Leavitt as she maps distant stars in galaxies beyond our own. But this brilliant, headstrong pioneer must struggle for recognition in the man’s world of turn-of-the-century astronomy. In this exquisite blend of science, history, family ties, and fragile love, a passionate young woman must map her own passage through a society determined to keep a woman in her place. Finalist for the Jane Chambers Award 2013.

“Gunderson’s brilliant, poetic play — alternately poignant and funny, in an old-soul Chekhovian way” – Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Gunderson’s writing strikes a balance between the cerebral and poetic that’s ideal for this subject matter. She has a flair for a nicely turned line. Henrietta’s opening and closing monologues, the latter projecting into the future, are examples of exceptionally effective stage writing.” – Houston Chronicle

“Sheer magic. Smart, infectious humor.” – The San Francisco Chronicle

“Radiant! Captures the wonder of science.” – San Jose Mercury News. 

“ Mind-expanding. Heart-expanding.” – TheatreDogs

“A captivating blend of relationships, science, and romance.” StageSceneLA

“Lauren Gunderson’s play about a real-life female astronomer, Henrietta Swan Leavitt in the early part of the last century is a truly dramatic and thought-provoking work of art.” – Atlanta Cultural Arts Review

“Please do not think that “Silent Sky” is all starchily scientific; quite the reverse. Its characters are intensely human and likable … Ms. Gunderson writes dialogue that is fluid, witty, and often moving. As a playwright she is a master craftsman.” – Atlanta InTown