Winner of 8 Tony Awards, Including Best Musical!

When a singing Irishman, with little faith left in love and music, meets a beautiful Czech woman in a Dublin bar, they are drawn together by their shared love of music. From flirtation to friendship to an uncommon romance, the unlikely pair connects in search of long-forgotten dreams – a passionate pursuit that may just tear them apart.

Guy meets Girl and they make beautiful music together in this unconventional yet wise and intensely moving tale of passion and hope. Busking on the streets for cash and working in his father’s vacuum repair shop, Guy is a heartbroken musician who has given up on his passion and creative aspirations. Girl is an immigrant with a generous heart and a complicated history.

They are as different as two people can be, but their stubborn compassion and love for creating inspiring music bring them together.

In this emotionally captivating story, Guy and Girl will make you will laugh, move you to tears, and share with you the universal feeling of joy which comes of joining together in song. Once is a truly original modern musical which reminds us there are as many ways to love as there are songs to sing.

“Pure, moving, inventive and irresistible. Once makes a lasting connection.” – Associated Press

Mild language advisory, click for details
Once is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI)